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 Dimitris Chiotopoulos at Art Athina 2018
Dimitris Chiotopoulos participates in Art Athina 2018 with Gallery Ersi Kiosk B2 (Al. Akrithakis, K. Xenakis, D. Chiotopoulos, G. Lappas).
 Dimitris Chiotopoulos' personal exhibition "Horse" (Gallery "Ersi, 19/4-5/5/2018)

From April 19th, 2018 to May 5th, 2018, Dimitris Chiotopoulos presents a personal exhibition in Gallery "Ersi" entitled "Horse". The exhibition is curated by Jiuliano Serafini.

 Dimitris Chiotopoulos at Art Athina 2017

Dimitris Chiotopoulos participates in Art Athina 2017 with Gallery Ersi Kiosk 12 (Alexis Akrithakis, Konstantinos Xenakis, Dimitris Chiotopoulos).

 Participation of D. Chiotopoulos in a calligraphy exhibition

From December 9th to January 7th, 2016, he will participate in Maria's Gennitsariou exhibition of calligraphy in Gallery "Ersi" entitled "Myths, fairy tales and poetic dreams."

 Group Painting Exhibition Open Point [13/10-8/11/16]

D. Chiotopoulos, D. Kokkinidis, K. Mortarakos and S. Politi participate in the group painting exhibition entitled "Open Point" in Gallery Ersi, from Thursday, October 13th to Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.

 Group Exhibition at Ersi Gallery [28/4 - 6/5/2014]

Group Exhibition at Ersi Gallery [28/4 - 6/5/2014].

 Dimitris Chiotopoulos: Alogo [25/10 - 18/11/2014]

Dimitris Chiotopoulos: Alogo [25/10 - 18/11/2014].

 Total Art Exhibition [12/03/2014]

Gallery Ersi presents Total Art with painting and poetry by D. Chiotopoulos and music by Mimis Plessas on Wednesday 12 March 2014 at 8 p.m.