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Critic by Giuliano Serafini (2014)Review published: May 2014

On another occasion, I had the opportunity to underline the need felt by Dimitris Chiotopoulos to put in order his own rich artistic production, classifying it into several periods: twelve, in fact, to date.

Critic by Giuliano Serafini (2013)Review published: December 2013

"By subdividing his artistic production into periods, Dimitris Chiotopoulos puts himself into a, so to say, diagnostic position with regard to his work, assessing it as a living body, with its own physiology and, therefore, able to evolve on its own, "naturally".

Critic by Chryssanthos Christou (2013)Review published: October 2013

Total Art? What does total art mean? Without doubt it means an art that presents, confronts and expresses all the forms and expressions of contemporary art.

Critic by Dimitris Mytaras: Total Art (2011)Review published: January 2011

Each one of us has a special way of expressing themselves. With his dual facility for poetry and painting, Dimitris Chiotopoulos tries to make clear the universality of art, which he sees as a totality embracing every individual art form and every specific facet of it.

Critic by Evagelos Moutsopoulos (2010)Review published: December 2010

The first person to dream of a unified art was the French philosopher and student of aesthetics, Etienne Souriau, in his book ‘La Correspondance des Arts’ (1947).

Critic by Evagelos Moutsopoulos (2008)Review published: January 2008

Dimitris Chiotopoulos the artist in poetry does not go hunting for his words: they come to him as to a lover.

Critic by Dimitris Mytaras (2008)Review published: January 2008

Art is a flower in the heart of men, and if you are unable to perceive this flower, you have lost something.

Critic by Evagelos Moutsopoulos (1992)Review published: January 1992

In his collection ‘White Line’, Dimitris Chiotopoulos has already given proof of his poetic authenticity by calmly depicting his passion for the things of earth and sky.